Relay 20 amps, Small Size

Product Announcement from Hasco Relays and Electronics International Corp.

Relay 20 amps, Small Size-Image

Hasco Components Int'l Corp. has received TUV rating and increased its rating on the small SPDT KLT series relay to 20 amps. The new smaller dimensions in mm are 15.5 W X 19 L X 15 H. Amp ratings are now 6, 12, 15 and 20 with a switching voltage of 120VAC and 277VAC. This relay carries a tungsten and ballast rating. The KLT also carries a 40 amp in rush rating. Besides TUV other Certifications include UL & CSA. The KLT is in stock with a Class B coil and Class F as an option. For more information fax Hasco at (516) 326-9125 or call (516) 328-9292.