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Product Announcement from Haskel International LLC

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The Proven Technology for Hydraulic Expansion of Tubes HydroSwage® products are designed & manufactured for use in a wide variety of markets including: Power Generation, Petrochemical, Paper Mills, Pharmaceuticals, Heat & Air conditioning, Sanitary Units, Package & Stationary Boilers & Hydroforming.

In 1970 Haskel introduced its first system for the high pressure hydraulic expansion of tubes. Using pressures in excess of 100,000 psi, this system is used for expanding aircraft tubing into sleeves. In 1975 the first system was developed for the hydraulic swaging of tubes for nuclear steam generators. 1980 Began with a series of major technical breakthroughs which gave rise to the first successful commercial method for hydraulically expanding tubes, the HydroSwage® system.

In 2010 Haskel announces the newest member of the HydroSwage® product line, the Mark V System, with updated electronics, touch screen and PLC, for system control and monitoring in a single portable unit.A continuous investment in the most modern machinery and technology ensures that Haskel remains a leader in hydraulic tube expansion.

You can access in depth details about the benefits the technology and options on our website.

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