Assembled Cubitainer®

Product Announcement from Hedwin Corporation

Assembled Cubitainer® -Image

Assembled Cubitainers®, sometimes called "combination package", arrives with our Cube® LDPE insert & corrugated fiberboard overpack assembled and ready for filling.

The Cubitainers® is Packaging Zen

Collapsible. Stackable. Lightweight. Toughness & Durability Built-in. Completely Recyclable. Unparalleled resin cleanliness and process. Easy to Fill. No glugging. No venting. Continuous, Uninterrupted product flow. Complete evacuation. Low Minimum Quantities.

The Cubitainers® is flexible by design and ready to meet any demand.

Why settle for rigid, unsustainable packaging when there is the Cubitainer®? With Hedwin, you get more with less: less plastic, less space, less environmental impact, less cost. All with highly configurable options for a variety of applications as well as custom shapes and size.