IR Process Heat for Plastics Manufacturing

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Infrared Heating can be a very efficient and cost effective approach for the Plastics industry.

Today Heraeus Noblelight Infrared heating solutions are at work throughout the Plastics from forming, staking, welding and other processes.

The unique properties of IR: targeted heat, quick heat-up and cool-down, precise temperature control, low power consumption, lend themselves to efficient use in processing applications. Additionally, these make your processes more efficient, and provide lower cost solutions than other technologies.

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Examples of custom designed solutions from Heraeus: Heat staking - This cost-effective method of assembling plastic components uses concentrated IR energy to focus heat on the plastic stake. Non-contact heat from the infrared lamps reduces energy consumption and eliminates heat damage to temperature-sensitive surfaces.

  • Plastics Welding - For plastic parts, Infrared Welding can be a beneficial replacement for certain traditional hot-plate and vibration welding applications. The use of a controlled IR light source (heater) with accurately regulated time and temperature in a precise location allows more accurate process control on plastic assemblies.
  • Other Plastics Processes - Infrared is well-suited a number of plastics processes.
    • Thermoforming - heating a sheet of plastic and forming it to a new size and shape.
    • Embossing - Application of texture to plastic by means of a cylinder; the cylinder makes an impression on the plastic surface to give a tactile feel to the surface.
    • Laminating - This process is usually done as web or converting; the process involves sandwiching multiple sheets of plastic together and sending them through nip rollers; the result is laminate. A pre-applied dry adhesive (hot melt glue etc.) is activated by infrared, bonding the layers.
    • Painting - Application of color or tint to the surface of plastics. Infrared heats the paint for proper adhesion to the surface.
    • Annealing - With injection molding of polycarbonate, a tremendous amount of stress is built up in the plastic. Infrared is used in a reheating process called annealing; this step removes much of the stress form the polycarbonate, resulting in a stronger and more homogeneous product. Plastic water coolers and automobile taillights are prime examples of products that benefit from the annealing process. The fast-acting infrared reduces time spent on the annealing process from hours to minutes.
    • Forming - heating of plastic to bend into a specific shape.


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Infrared heaters are completely produced by Heraeus, from processing of the raw crystalline quartz to final assembly of the heater. Infrared modules and complete infrared systems are built to customer specifications. Control systems for modules and systems are designed in-house. A technical center for investigating infrared applications is available. Heraeus has many years of experience providing solutions for hundreds of applications. Comprehensive solutions and customer service are the foundation of our business.

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A number of key applications for Industrial Infrared Ovens include (CLICK on the applications to learn more about the uses and products on Heraeus's website):

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INFRARED HEATERS AND THEIR PROPERTIES - Come to the experts! Short Wave, Twin Tube Emitters are comparable in spectrum to, and slightly longer in wavelength than halogen infrared lamps. Fast Response, Medium Wave IR heaters are twin tube heaters with a spectrum between short wave and standard medium wave infrared heaters. Carbon IR heaters use a carbon ribbon as the heating element. Medium Wave IR heaters distinguish themselves by being highly efficient and stable while having a long operating life. Infrared heaters for Targeted Heat are designed to heat small components, part surfaces or curved surfaces.

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