Infrared for Photovoltaics Manufacturing

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Photovoltaics Manufacturing using Infrared Heat from Heraeus Nobelight.

Drying, sintering and string soldering--the manufacturing of solar cells--requires heat in many of the individual production steps. Infrared radiation is a high energy, contact-free method of heat transfer which saves time and production space.

Thanks to the newly developed quartz reflector, the heating of carrier materials before or during coating processes can be carried out more efficiently in vacuum or at high ambient temperatures.

Below are links to examples of many of these. If you don't see an application that is similar to yours, contact Heraeus to discuss how infrared technology can help your process.

Quick Information Links:

Industry applications using Infrared

  • Industries Using Infrared - Whether the application is high-technology or assembly-line manufacturing; whether it's within the demanding fields of semiconductors of working in vacuum, IR technology offers a myriad of advantages.
  • Infrared for Curing Applications - A popular use for infrared technology, curing is applied to ceramics, glass, metal, plastic and more.
  • Drying with Infrared Heaters: Infrared dries coatings, reduces moisture and more.
  • Activating Adhesives with Infrared : With heat just where it is needed, IR is often the best solution for adhesives activation.
  • Heating with Infrared: Wood, glass, metal, plastic, rubber, textiles and more can benefit from the targeted heating properties of IR.
  • Infrared Heaters for Ultrapure Water offer an IR heater which provides rapid and efficient heating of liquids without any possibility of contamination. The innovative design of this heater makes it ideal for handling sensitive process liquids (such as ultra-pure water and acids) used in semiconductor manufacture.
  • Infrared Heaters for Vacuum Applications - Infrared lamps are ideally suited to the demanding requirements of operating in vacuum.

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About Heraeus Noblelight:

There are many methods of generating heat for industrial processes; each has its advantages. But infrared heating has proven to be the most advanced, efficient and cost-effective method of all. That's why manufacturers worldwide are turning to infrared heating ovens for their process needs. Whether it's a new system or a retrofit, an infrared heater from Heraeus Noblelight is often the ideal means of applying heat to solve industrial application challenges.

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