Process Heat for Industrial Applications

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Heraeus is a specialist in custom-built infrared heaters. We assist in the selection of the optimal type of heater for each application. Heraeus helps develop solutions that are matched precisely to the requirements of the user. The great strength of Heraeus lies in the tailor-made solutions we offer customers. Our experienced personnel construct modules to meet customer application requirements.

Available Modular Systems

  • ICM - Manufactured from a standard engineering design, the ICM has nearly unlimited flexibility. Unlimited in size in both length and width, large heating fields are possible with any combination of heater types and sizes.
  • MHS - Unique sizes and shapes such as curved heated areas or systems requiring a framing for support are typical of the MHS series of heating systems.
  • M110 Small and compact, this module is a rugged and durable heating field that is perfect for small area heating applications.
  • Infradry - Dryers for web heating using a clamshell configuration, with one or two side heating are the mark of the Infradry line of web processing equipment.
  • MBS Blocks Suitable for a wide range of applications because of the small size and power densities available.
  • MMS Modules These modules have all the advantages of mediumwave twin-tube IR heaters with gold reflector.
  • KR 85 and KR110 These simple housings can be used for any standard or custom heater produced by Heraeus.

For More Information...

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About Heraeus Noblelight:

There are many methods of generating heat for industrial processes; each has its advantages. But infrared heating has proven to be the most advanced, efficient and cost-effective method of all. That's why manufacturers worldwide are turning to infrared heating ovens for their process needs. Whether it's a new system or a retrofit, an infrared heater from Heraeus Noblelight is often the ideal means of applying heat to solve industrial application challenges.

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