Process Heat for Powdercoating Applications

Product Announcement from Heraeus Noblelight, LLC

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For powder coating applications, an infrared preheating boosting system generally yields a superior finished product. Infrared, with its ability to apply tremendous amount of heat in an instant, helps get the process to melt temperature quickly. And the curing component of powder coating requires few infrared lamps, making it a cost-effective solution as well. Even a small infrared lamp added to an existing convection system can yield many benefits.

Infrared finds practical uses in all kinds of process applications. Below are links to examples of many of these. If you don't see an application that is similar to yours, contact Heraeus to discuss how infrared technology can help your process.

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About Heraeus Noblelight:

There are many methods of generating heat for industrial processes; each has its advantages. But infrared heating has proven to be the most advanced, efficient and cost-effective method of all. That's why manufacturers worldwide are turning to infrared heating ovens for their process needs. Whether it's a new system or a retrofit, an infrared heater from Heraeus Noblelight is often the ideal means of applying heat to solve industrial application challenges.

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