FiberLight compact light source

Product Announcement from Heraeus Noblelight America LLC

FiberLight is a very compact light source for the UV and visible spectral range (from 200 nm to 1100 nm). The core of FiberLight is an electrodeless RF-induced deuterium lamp or a line source. These miniature lamps enable UV spectroscopy with portable, battery-powered instruments. FiberLight is a complete UV/VIS light source. It consists of a lamp module (deuterium and tungsten lamp in a shine-through arrangement or a line source), shutters and an SMA fibre-optic connector. There is also an optional version without optical fibre connector for direct coupling to the measuring cell. All components are mounted on a circuit board and controlled externally by means of TTL signals. FiberLight can be operated with a 12 VDC/0.6 A power supply and is especially suited for portable spectrometers which are independent of mains supply.