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PSD 184 – OEM power supply for deuterium lamps-Image

The PSD 184 for deuterium and tungsten halogen lamps is a high-performance power supply with compact dimensions and high reliability. The power supply functions fully automatically, from lamp ignition to continuous operation. With its small size, the PSD 185 enables OEMs to integrate power supply and lamp in a compact system to increase flexibility and save costs. PSD 184 features

  • Compact OEM version for two lamps
  • Gentle and reliable ignition including hot ignition
  • Provides optimal performance and service life for Heraeus 2.5 V deuterium lamps
  • Additional 24 V direct voltage output for Heraeus tungsten halogen lamps
  • Fully automatic, from lamp ignition to continuous operation
  • Remote control of the functions and status monitoring
  • Filament voltage 2.5 V
  • Anode current 300 mA
  • Supply voltage 85 - 264 V alternating voltage
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