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LDM 41/42 P - Laser Distance Measurement Sensor

Product Announcement from HiTECH Technologies, Inc.

LDM 41/42 P - Laser Distance Measurement Sensor-Image

The LDM 41/42 P Laser Distance Measurement Sensor with Profibus DP interface is designed for distance measurement applications in an industrial environment. The LDM 41/42 P works based on comparative phase measurement. To achieve this, it emits a visible Laser beam with different modulation frequencies. The target being measured returns diffusely reflected light that is subsequently compared with a reference signal. Finally, a microprocessor uses the recorded phase shift to calculate a required distance with mm accuracy. The sensor LDM 41 P distinguishes itself through a high precision as well as a big independence of the surface of the measured object. The LDM 42 P is design for fast measurement on a white target. The red, well visible Laser beam allows a simple alignment.


  • Supervision of crane and conveyors
  • Distance and position measurement
  • Level-measurement
  • Supervision of security-relevant parts
  • Supervision of lift systems / lift level measurement / elevator positioning
  • Positioning control
  • Diameter measurement of coils


  • Millimeter precise measurement at various surfaces (LDM 42 P only for white surface)
  • Long range reflector-less distance measurement, with additional reflectors mounted onto target over 100 m
  • High availability under outdoor temperature conditions with high precision
  • Big supply voltage range 10 V until 30 V DC
  • Safe use because of Laser Class 2
  • Simple alignment with a visible Laser beam
  • RS 232 data interface for programming
  • Simple parameter setup with a PC or laptop
  • Measured values are displayed in meters, decimeters, centimeters, feet, inch... and different resolutions due to free scaling
  • Stable and easy to install enclosure with protection grade of IP 65
  • Direct connection to Profibus DP
  • Setup of measurement mode, inside temperature measurement, switch-off Laser (Stand-by) controlled by Profibus control bytes.