Product Announcement from Hiawatha Rubber


Hiawatha Rubber balances cost against product performance to create formulations that are optimized to meet your specific application. By using current instrumental analysis technology combined with the chemistry of the rubber component's environment, we can quickly determine and optimize the formulation for your specific product to create a rubber compound that will perform optimally in those conditions.

We think of our business as an extension of our clients’. While other
companies simply sell you a part without addressing underlying,
fundamental problems, we look for OEMs who want to take a holistic view
of their issues. To this end, we treat all of our relationships as
partnerships—from our customers to our suppliers, we believe we must all
work together to understand the systemic issues and business drivers
affecting the whole. This type of collaborative process allows us to
leverage the expertise of suppliers who are experts in their disciplines
and technology. And it leads to unique, cost-effective solutions to our
customers’ most persistent and challenging problems.

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