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Innovative Solutions Clean Energy Technology

Product Announcement from Hitachi Metals America, LLC

Innovative Solutions Clean Energy Technology -Image

Pioneering a bright energy future, the Hitachi Metals Group is development driven and distinguished for its advanced technology and development capabilities.

Hitachi Metals has established a substantial position in high-grade metal products, electronics and information technology devices, high-grade functional components, and other cutting-edge fields as a materials and component manufacturer developing business over an ever-widening sphere.

We offer a rich lineup of unique products in the energy field as well, helping to spearhead the quest for a low-carbon world. In the same right, the Hitachi Metals Group adopts a proactive approach to the critical theme of environmental protection, steadfastly contributing as a driving force in the mission to achieve a society on course for sustainable development.

Photovoltaic Generation Systems:

  • Target Materials for CIGS Photovoltaic Cells (Mo and CuGa) - We offer a lineup of Mo target materials for back-side electrodes in CIGS photovoltaic cells along with CuGa target materials for light-absorbing layers.
    • Applications: CIGS Photovoltaic Cells
  • Interconnect Materials for Photovoltaic Cells - Our interconnect materials can improve power generation efficiency, productivity, and the lifetimes of photovoltaic panels. These are highly recognized for their superior effectiveness to prevent cracks and warps of thin Si cells caused by heat stress from the welding process.
    • Applications: Interconnects for crystalline Si photovoltaic cells

Fuel Cells:

  • ZMG® 232L for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Interconnects - Interconnects (including current collectors) have a role to connect cells electrically as well as separate air and fuel gas in case of use as separators. The properties required for materials for interconnects are good oxidation resistance, good electrical conductivity, and a coefficient of thermal expansion close to that of electrode materials at operating temperatures (700-1,000°C). We can provide alloys to meet these requirements developed by our alloy design technologies without peers in the specialty steel market.
    • Applications: Interconnects and separators for SOFC stacks

EV and PHEV (Lithium-ion batteries):

  • Cladding Materials for Battery Electrode Connection - These cladding materials are built for use in connecting materials with different properties (e.g., aluminum and copper) in cathodes and anodes. Conducting cell interconnection (resistance welding, ultrasonic welding, and laser welding) in a smooth and efficient fashion makes major contributions to streamlining the cell module assembly process and enhancing reliability. We supply customers with outstanding made-to-order quality by tailoring material combinations and highly rational structural designs to suit customers' connecting methods. We can also offer finished products, such as press-forged terminal components, connecting-use bus bars, and lead components.
    • Applications: Lithium-ion batteries and capacitors
  • FINEMET® Common Mode Choke Cores - FINEMET® common mode choke cores are made of a nanocrystalline soft magnetic material that Hitachi Metals developed as a world first.
    • Applications: Hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), electric vehicles (EV), and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV)

Power Conditioners:

  • Amorphous Cut Cores - Wound cut cores are made of Si- and boron-added Fe-based amorphous ribbon. The ribbon is rapidly cast from molten metal at a cooling rate of about 106°C/sec. for creating an amorphous phase. It shows superior soft magnetic performance to other ordinal soft magnetic materials, such as silicon steel. These cores greatly contribute to the improvement of electric power conversion efficiency as reactors in conditioners for solar power, wind power, and the other power conversion.
    • Applications: Reactors in residential, commercial, and industrial power conditioners for solar power, wind power, Uninterruptible Power Supply, etc.

Wind Power Generation Systems:

  • NEOMAX® Series Nd-Fe-B Sintered Magnets - Through the use of NEOMAX®, a high-performance Nd-Fe-B sintered magnet, solid contributions are being made to realize higher efficiency and downsizing in wind power generators. Hitachi Metals is the industry leader in terms of stable quality, high-performance technology to curb the use of rare elements (DDMagicTM Dy vapor deposition and diffusion technology), surface treatment expertise now used in various applications, and other key fields. Rooted in our rich knowledge and experience, we firmly support customers through magnetic field analysis simulation, magnetic circuit designs, and other breakthrough developments.
    • Applications: Wind power generators, motors employed in factory automation, HEV and EV drive motors and generators, etc.

Smart Grids:

  • Metglas®*1 Amorphous Metal Materials for Distribution Transformers - Metglas® amorphous metal material is the earth-friendly high-technology material for distribution transformers that can reduce no-load loss (standby electricity) in distribution transformers to about one-third the level compared to those using grain-oriented electrical steel*2. We supply this material in wide ribbon forms (142 mm, 170 mm, and 213 mm) suitable for distribution transformer core manufacturing.
    • Applications: Distribution transformers

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