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SIALON Ceramics ~ ideal for tools

Product Announcement from Hitachi Metals America, LLC

SIALON Ceramics ~ ideal for tools -Image


Hitachi Metals' SIALON is ideal for tools that contact molten aluminum on the aluminum melting and casting line. SIALON has high density and keeps high strength within the temperature range of molten aluminum; and moreover, SIALON shows no corrosion from molten aluminum. It has excellent chemical stability and prevents molten aluminum contamination. These features provide cost-effective performance through long life and reduced maintenance.

Electro-conductive SIALON (HCN-40)

Hitachi Metals' SIALON is noted for its superior high-temperature strength and corrosion resistance to molten metal. However, as is generally the case for other ceramics, the machining of SIALON is accomplished by grinding with diamond tools. Such machining results in high fabrication costs of complicated shape. As a solution to this problem, Hitachi Metals developed electro-conductive SIALON HCN-40, which minimizes the decline of superior SIALON properties, while providing the electro-conductivity that makes electro-discharge machining possible.


Hitachi Metals developed SUPER-SIALON that surpasses even SIALON in strength and thermal shock resistance. This new ceramic material is expected to be used, not only as tools that contact molten aluminum with more severe conditions, but as tools in steelmaking related devices such as continuous galvanizing line and ERW pipe rolling. Its high thermal conductivity is also noted in semiconductor and other fields.