Target Materials for CIGS Photovoltaic Cells

Product Announcement from Hitachi Metals America, Ltd.

Target Materials for CIGS Photovoltaic Cells -Image

With skyrocketing fossil fuel energy prices, solar power energy is booming as an alternative source of renewable energy. Supplying several markets, Hitachi Metals is a leading manufacturer of target materials for CIGS Photovoltaic Cells (Mo and CuGa).

Hitachi Metals offer a lineup of Mo target materials for back-side electrodes in CIGS photovoltaic cells along with CuGa target materials for light-absorbing layers. The powder sintering method is adopted for their manufacturing process to get superb homogeneity and fine microstructures. Target materials realize excellent abnormal discharge suppression and less particle generation.

They greatly contribute to customers' productivity improvement.


  • CIGS Photovoltaic Cells

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