Product Announcement from Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc.

Nova-Flow -Image

Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. is proud to introduce the Nova-Flow, flow computer. Designed and manufactured by Hoffer, the Nova-Flow is configurable as a rate indicator/totalizer, batch controller, or mass flow computer through the use of a system architecture previously seen only on more sophisticated and costly devices. For more advanced applications and options, Nova-Flow has eight expansion slots to accommodate electronic modules, which provide I/O and communications options. You can choose from several optional modules to best suit a particular need. Configuration of the basic unit and the modules is implemented using Windows-based software, which is included with the unit.

The unit may be configured to support mass flow and will accommodate inputs from RTDS, temperature transmitters, pressure transducers and densitometers. The basic unit includes eight additional lines of digital I/O that are configured via software. The customers main benefit with this new design is his ability to purchase only what he needs, when he needs it.

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