Sanitary Design Turbine Flow Meters

Product Announcement from Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc.

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The Sanitary Design Turbine flowmeter from Hoffer Flow Controls meets high sanitary requirements for process liquid measurement and is compliant with the ASME Bioprocessing Equipment Standard BPE-2012.  The sanitary meter is designed to provide outstanding accuracy in liquid applications for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries or any liquid application were sanitary requirements are necessary. Typical applications for this series include ultrapure deionized water, demineralized , or WFI water (water for injection) as well as various applications in food and beverage. This versatile flowmeter is available in 11 sizes from 1/4” to 3” with standard Tri-Clamp™ fittings. Sanitary installation kits are also available when needed. Flow rates from 0.35 to 650 GPM are covered through the size range.   

Built to withstand the rigors of high-volume, process liquid environments, the body of Hoffer’s Sanitary Design Flowmeter is constructed of 316/316L dual rated stainless steel.  Internals include a 17.4 PH stainless steel rotor and hard carbon composite bearings. Linearity is ±0.5% of reading or better.  Repeatability is ±0.1% of reading or better.  Temperature range of process fluid with standard magnetic pickup coil is -450°F to +450°F.  An optional high temperature magnetic pickup coil delivers a range of -450°F to +850F.  (+1000°F intermittently)

Hoffer Flow Controls has been designing and manufacturing precision turbine flowmeters and related process instrumentation for forty years.  Through innovation and a dedication to the highest standards of quality, the company has established itself as the world leader in turbine flowmeter technology.  With a vast selection of dependable, high quality, and cost effective flow measurement instruments available, Hoffer Flow Controls offers versatile measurement solutions across numerous markets and applications.  For more information, visit: 

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