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Chatter Free

Product Announcement from Hogen Industries, Inc.

Chatter Free-Image

An Alternative to Tungsten Carbide Boring Bars & Grinding Quills

Hogen Industries, Inc. established the standard for Chatter Free™ machining and grinding. It is used for end mill extensions, arbors, tool holders, grinding quills, and boring bars. When using Chatter Free material, you can make heavier cuts at increased speeds. Longer tool extensions are possible with ratios of up to 9:1, depending on the diameter.

Because of the very minimal chatter and high thermal conductivity-three times that of steel!-tools run cooler, adding to tool life and less down time.

Using Chatter Free material results in a better finish and added tool life in high RPM machining, when diamond or ceramic inserts are used. Because of its very high density, it has a rotating inertia effect in grinding and milling operations, which results in more accurate finishing.

Chatter Free material does not anneal during brazing, so carbide or tool holders and extensions can be brazed directly without affecting physical properties.

Chatter Free material is often used in place of tungsten carbide boring bars because:

  • It has a higher density
  • It's readily machinable
  • It's less prone to chipping and breakage
  • Both material and finishing costs are less

Chatter Free is relatively non-corrosive, and plating is normally not required in tooling applications. However, if plating is necessary, standard plating procedures for nickel and chromium plating are used. A copper flash is sometimes required for better adherence.

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