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FAAST: Very Early Warning Fire Detector -Image

FAAST Very Early Warning Fire Detector from Honeywell.

FAAST (Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology) provides extremely sensitive and accurate Very Early Warning detection and alarm, which gives facility managers precious time to take appropriate action to maintain business continuity before disaster strikes.

Protect mission-critical resources (people, productivity and important assets such as tools, equipment, production output and data) by catching a fire at the earliest stages of development-before combustion occurs, before there's even traces of smoke.

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As an aspirating detector, FAAST draws air samples into its sensor through a pipe network, which allows the detector to provide accurate detection even in challenging environments such as fluctuating temperatures. Its smoke detection performance is built around its unique Dual Vision sensing technology. The sensor utilizes an extremely sensitive blue LED to provide Very Early Detection, up to 60 minutes before combustion. The sensor also uses an infrared laser to identify nuisances like dust that can cause false alarms, downtime and unwarranted activation of connected suppression systems. The detector interprets signals from both sources to provide the earliest and most accurate warning of the widest range of fires available.

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