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Fire Sentry FS System 10™ by Honeywell Analytics-Image

Our fire detection systems have been protecting electrostatic paint spray booths worldwide – with millions of booth operational hours and not a single fire loss.

Fire Sentry FS System 10™
A high-speed microprocessor based fire detection and process control system specially designed for liquid and powder coating applications, the Fire Sentry FS System 10™ quickly detects the presence of a flame, reacts by initiating a shutdown of the electrostatic finishing process in a matter of milliseconds; and effectively interrupts the fire before residues and wet paint films can ignite.

The Fire Sentry FS System 10 is the only system that provides a two-stage response: an ALERT for spray gun "fireball" type fires and if the fire continues, a FIRE ALARM is declared in 4-5 seconds.

The Fire Sentry FS System 10 is vastly superior to conventional detectors due to the electro-optical quantum infrared sensors array and the ability to accurately detect fires without false alarms. The FS System 10 is available in both wall-mount controller and card controller configurations. (For additional information on card controller, consult the factory.)

The detector is mounted in an explosion-proof housing. The wall-mounted controller is a self-contained system mounted in a NEMA 12 enclosure with LCD display and LED status lights. Three 10-amp mechanical relays have been incorporated for shutting down the paint flow, electrostatics and conveyor. Event history and fire tech data are reported by the detector in real time and data, then stored in the controller’s non-volatile memory. FirePic™ and SnapShot™ data can be downloaded from the RS-232 port of the controller from your PC. The controller may operate with one or two detectors.


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