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Fire Sentry SS3 Fire and Flame Detectors -Image

Fire Sentry SS3 Multi-Spectrum Optical Fire and Flame Detectors are fast reacting, digital, reprogrammable, computerized - smart technology.

The Fire Sentry SS3 fast-reacting, Ultraviolet (UV), Wide Band Infrared (IR) and Visible spectral brand electro-optical digital fire and flame detectors are designed to alarm on all types of fires. They have an alarm range of 30 ft for a one square foot gasoline reference fire with a 120° circular field of view coverage.

To eliminate common nuisance false alarms that occasionally occur with UV-only, IR-only, Dual IR or Dual Mode UV/IR detectors, the Fire Sentry SS3 detectors' FireLogic signal processing requires that UV, visible and Wide Band IR radiant energy all be evaluated before declaring a fire. The smart detector utilizes real-time signal processing algorithms that are optimized to alarm on all types of fires, while virtually eliminating the possibility of false alarms.

The Fire Sentry SS3 detectors perform the same whether they are connected to the FS2000 Fire Early Warning System (with CM1-A Controller and FireBus) or whether they operate in the stand-alone mode. The only difference between FS2000 System model and the stand-alone models is how each is wired.

The Fire Sentry SS3 detectors are available in latching (Fire Sentry
SS3-A) and non-latching (Fire Sentry SS3-AN) models.

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