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Integrated Fire and Gas Solution from Honeywell Analytics.

Honeywell Analytics offers a an integrated fire and gas solution for your industrial applications. The addition of Fire Sentry flame detection to our exisiting gas detection portfolio allows us to offer a completely integrated, easy, reliable solution.

Fire & Flame Detection Products

Our Fire Sentry line includes fast-responding electro-optical flame detectors that are ideal for industrial settings such as petrochemical, semiconductor, paint booth/finishing, automobile airbags and munitions plants. Fire Sentry flame detectors are designed to ensure rapid, accurate and reliable detection of both hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon fires within a single device. Our patented WideBand IR™ technology does not rely on the narrowband 4.3-micron CO2 molecular emission line with its intrinsic shortcomings and restrictions, but rather our technology uses high-speed, wide temperature range photoconductor quantum-based sensors.

Featured Products:

  • FS24X QuadBand™ Triple IR Flame Detector - The Fire Sentry FS24X is a quantum leap in flame and fire detection with its sophisticated software and detection technology.
  • FS20X Multi-Spectrum IR/IR/UV Flame Detector - The Fire Sentry FS20X is the latest generation high technology Multi-Spectrum (UV/Dual IR/VIS) fire and flame detector, which is part of the FSX™ family of advanced technology electro-optical flame detectors.
  • FS17X Multi-Spectrum TriBand IR Flame Detector - The Fire Sentry FS17X Electro-Optical Multi-Spectral detector senses the WideBand IR™ radiant energy of blackbody particulate and molecular emissions.
  • FS10 IR/IR Fire Detection System - The Fire Sentry FS System 10 and the FS 10-R Unitized are the next generation multi-spectral infrared electro-optical flame detectors designed specifically for liquid paint or powder spray booth applications.
  • FS7 IR/IR Fire Detection System - The Fire Sentry FS7 electro-optical radiant energy fire detector with multi-spectral WideBand IR™, Near Band IR and Visible Band IR fire detection is designed specifically for semiconductor clean room fire protection applications.
  • SS4 UV and UV/IR Flame Detectors - The Fire Sentry SS4 Electro-Optical Digital Flame Detectors represent leading edge UV/IR technology.
  • SS3 UV and UV/IR Flame Detectors - Fire Sentry SS3 Multi-Spectrum Optical fire and flame detectors are fast reacting, digital, reprogrammable, computerized
  • SS2 UV/IR Flame Detector -The Fire Sentry SS2-A, (latching Fire Alarm relay), and Fire Sentry SS2-AN (non-latching Fire Alarm relay), represent the world´s pre-eminent UV/IR technology for Electro-Optical fire and flame detectors. The ultra-high speed UV/IR models are the Fire Sentry SS2-AM, (latching Fire Alarm relay),and the Fire Sentry SS2-AML (non-latching Fire Alarm relay).
  • Test Lamps - We offer test lamps for every detector - short to medium range and safe to hazardous areas.
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