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Sensepoint XCD with Remote Transmitter-Image

The Sensepoint XCD transmitter provides comprehensive monitoring of flammable, toxic and oxygen gas hazards in potentially explosive atmospheres, indoors and outdoors-and is marked by installation ease and flexibility, user-friendly operation and cost-effective gas monitoring.

Three different types of the XCD transmitter are available for use with three different families of sensors. The mV type transmitter is for use with the mV family of XCD sensors including catalytic sensors to detect flammable gases in the range 0-100%LEL and infrared (IR) sensors for detection of hydrocarbon gases in the range 0-100%LEL and 0-100%Vol, as well as carbon dioxide (CO2) in the range 0-2%Vol. The EC type transmitter is for use with the EC family of XCD sensors including carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen sulfide, (H2S) and hydrogen (H2); oxygen transmitter is for use with the oxygen (O2) XCD sensors.

The transmitter can auto-recognize any sensor from within its sensor family. The sensor simply plugs into the bottom of the transmitter and the transmitter automatically configures itself accordingly. Users can modify detector operation using the LCD and magnet switches without ever needing to open the unit. This enables one-man, non-intrusive operation and reduces routine maintenance time and costs.

A tri-colour backlit LCD clearly indicates the unit's status at a glance, even from a distance. A steady green backlight indicates normal operation, flashing yellow indicates fault and flashing red indicates an alarm.

All detectors are supplied pre-configured and include 2 programmable alarm relays, 1 programmable fault relay as well as an industry standard 4-20mA output (sink or source selectable) and MODBUS*. The scale, range, relay operation, alarm set point and electronic tag number of the detector can be adjusted using the transmitter's LCD and non-intrusive magnetic switches. Outputs are automatically inhibited during adjustment, thereby reducing the risk of false alarm at the control panel during maintenance.

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