Honeywell's line of Temperature Sensors

Product Announcement from Honeywell Process Solutions

Honeywell's line of Temperature Sensors-Image

Honeywell offers a broad line of Temperature Sensors including Thermocouples, Non-Contact Sensors, Platinum Resistance Temperature Detectors and more.

Lerrn move about each of our lines below:

  • Megopak Thermocouples - Megopak Thermocouples are a simple, reliable and low-cost solution for measurement in high temperature applications.
  • Non-Contact Sensors - The Honeywell Non-Contact Sensors offer a low-cost solution for high temperature applications. The large selection of models and temperature range make it a good fit for most processes that require accurate temperature measurement.
  • Platinum Resistance Temperature Detectors - Platinum Resistance Temperature Detectors are temperature sensors used for accurate temperature measurement and have a 100 ohm platinum temperature detector.
  • Thermocouples with Protecting Tubes - Honeywell's Thermocouples with Protecting Tubes are available in several models to measure a wide range of temperatures, and are calibrated differently depending on the application.

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