Learn more about OneWireless Position Sensor

Product Announcement from Honeywell Process Solutions

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Learn more about OneWireless Position Sensor

The OneWireless™ XYR™ 6000 Valve Position Sensor allows remote, reliable valve position monitoring in a variety of applications to avoid the time and safety risk of manually monitoring valves in hazardous areas and remote installations.

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By combining the proven functionality of MICRO SWITCH technology with an enabler like the OneWireless network, position sensors can now be used for remote monitoring applications, including: positioners, manual process valves, safety shower notification, tank level indication, door position, louver/damper position, or any other presence, absence or position sensing application where installing wires is inefficient or cost-prohibitive.

The XYR 6000 Valve Position Sensor is based on the proven and reliable MICRO SWITCH™ CX series hazardous location limit switch available for more than 40 years.