Safety Manager Remote Input/Output (RUSIO)

Product Announcement from Honeywell Process Solutions

Safety Manager Remote Input/Output (RUSIO)-Image

Securing remote facilities made simpler with Safety Manager Remote I/O

Manufacturers need to guarantee the safety of every facility but the cost of integrating safety devices spread over wide distances and the complex installation and maintenance involved can make this a daunting task. Honeywell provides the solution with the Safety Manager Remote Input/Output (RUSIO) which is safety integrity level-3 certified (SIL-3). The I/O module augments Honeywell's Safety Manager, which is part of the Experion® Process Knowledge System (PKS), and extends its benefits of improved safety and reliability to facilities in remote locations.

Safety Manager RUSIO enables Safety Manager to connect to a variety of I/O types located in remote locations and is Safety Integrity Level-3 (SIL-3) certified to withstand harsh environments. This safety integrity level-3 certified safety manager allows each channel to be configured individually to a different I/O type, thereby enabling soft-marshalling that helps reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). In addition, this architectural flexibility allows users to design safety solutions that meet their specific needs.

Higher Safety, Lower Costs with RUSIO

Every Safety Manager RUSIO module has a capacity of 32 freely configurable channels, thus enabling savings on installation and operational costs. The I/O module can be mounted close to the process unit, eliminating the need for marshalling panels and homerun cables, and reducing or eliminating field auxiliary rooms. This reduces overall capital expenditure and maintenance costs. Users can control multiple remote locations with one centralized unit and benefit from more efficient commissioning and start up and more reliable installation.

Safety Manager RUSIO is compatible with installed Safety Manager architectures, allowing extension of applications without the need for expensive replacement of existing solutions. Honeywell thus protects users' existing investments and enables them to enjoy the benefits of the I/O module cost effectively.

The module provides a simple, yet efficient solution to I/O needs in the following cases:

  • where small amounts of I/O need to be interfaced per remote location
  • when the I/O is of varying types
  • when a small footprint is required, and
  • when no auxiliary room is available such as in the case of Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessels

The safety integrity level-3 certified safety manager is particularly useful for application in refineries, chemical sites, well heads, offshore platforms, loading facilities and pipeline protection.