C3400 Series Kapton® Insulated Flexible Heaters

Product Announcement from Honeywell Sensing and Internet of Things

The C3400 Series Kapton® Insulated Flexible Heaters contain etched, resistive foil encased between two layers of Kapton. The Kapton Insulated Heaters use an acrylic, thermoset bonding adhesive, while the High Temperature Kapton Insulated Heaters use a Teflon® bonding adhesive. Heater trace patterns are specific to customer requirements. The C3400 Series may also be bonded to other system parts or combined with other Honeywell thermal products such as thermostats, RTDs (Resistive Temperature Devices) or thermistors. These heaters are often used in applications where thin profile and/or low material outgassing are important considerations.


  • Maximum power: 16W/cm² [40 W/in²]
  • Maximum operating/storage temperature (Kapton Insulated): 177 °C [350 °F] for acrylic adhesive and 205 °C [401 °F] for Teflon adhesive
  • Maximum operating/storage temperature (Kapton High Temperature Insulated): 260 °C [500 °F]
  • Maximum size: 610 mm x 610 mm [24 in x 24 in]
  • Available in a variety of geometries such as flat, molded-to-shape and spiral wrap
  • Low out gassing
  • High dielectric strength with minimum thickness