Honeywell 510E Series Mechanical Encoder

Product Announcement from Honeywell Sensing and Internet of Things

The 510E Series products are manually operated, rotary, mechanical encoders that provide a two-bit gray code output for relative reference applications and a four-bit gray code output for absolute electrical reference applications.

The "L" channel leads the "R" channel by 90º electrically in the clockwise position. This series has continuous electrical travel and has a rotational life of more than 100,000 shaft rotations with a positive detent feel.

These small encoders are commonly used in limited-space, panel-mounted applications where the need for costly, front-panel displays can be completely eliminated. Digital gray code outputs eliminate the need for A/D converters.


  • Resolution up to 36 positions provides high resolution
  • Wide operating temperature range of -40 °C to 105 °C [-40 °F to 221 °F] helps minimize performance issues
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting provides flexibility in the application
  • Digital grey code eliminates need for A/D converters providing a cost-effective solution
  • Rotational torque provides consistency

Potential Applications:


  • Robotics
  • Irrigation controls
  • Audio/visual equipment


  • EGK and defibrillation machines