MICRO SWITCH V15W: Watertight Miniature Switches

Product Announcement from Honeywell Sensing and Control

MICRO SWITCH V15W: Watertight Miniature Switches-Image

MICRO SWITCH™ V15W Series Watertight Miniature Switches From Honeywell

The MICRO SWITCH™ V15W is a miniature-sized basic switch designed for harsh-duty, wash down areas. Rugged yet precise, the series provides machine control for turning circuits on and off. The V15W can be used in a wide range of challenging environments and is designed for applications requiring electrical ratings from 0.1 A to 10 A.

Standard in the V-size package, the V15W is watertight to an IP67 rating (with wired leads). Choose the V15W when you need accurate repeatability in a compact, lightweight, and long lasting basic switch.

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