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Wing Union/Hammer Union Pressure Sensors -Image

Honeywell is pleased to announce two new additions to our Wing Union / Hammer Union pressure sensor portfolio.

Choose either the Model 425, available in two accuracy levels (±0.2 % BFSL [Best Fit Straight Line] – Standard) or (±0.1 % BFSL – High Accuracy), or the Model 427 (±0.2 % BFSL) with a wide and shallow sensing port that facilitates the seamless flow of more viscous media blends.

Built on Honeywell’s time-proven Wing Union one-piece design, both models provide highly accurate and reliable data for more confident detection of small changes in pressure, allowing the operator to quickly adjust media flow pressure during drilling operations. This helps drilling operators optimize oil withdrawal rates and profile potentially dangerous conditions such as gas bubbles to increase drilling personnel safety. Other features include:

  • Quick Installation/Serviceability– Designed for quick field installation, offers resistance to torque stress at hammer up with field adjustable zero and span for reliable long term performance.
  • Reliability / Durability– All welded stainless steel construction, with Inconel® wetted parts for resistance to abrasive or corrosive media. Shock and vibration tested; CE, CSA / ATEX - Intrinsically Safe approvals.
  • Longevity– Hit it and forget it! Honeywell’s class leading reliability plus an annual calibration cycle allows customers to install and move on.
  • Quick Availability – Multiple configurations available for quick shipment in less than 5 days, others available within 2 weeks.
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