Aluminum Spray Cleaners

Product Announcement from Hubbard-Hall Inc.

Aluminum Spray Cleaners-Image

Formulated for use on all substrates our Aquaease™ product line may also be used to clean ferrous metals, copper, brass alloys, bronze, stainless steel and nickel-clad stock. The benefits of our most popular aluminum spray cleaner, Aquaease™ PL 732, include:

  • Low to no foam product.
  • Liquid form makes it easy to add. No dangerous splatters or dissolution problem.
  • Mixes readily with cold water.
  • Contains no caustic, borates, solvents, nitrates, or nitrites.
  • Silicate and chelating agent free; ideal for use where heat-treating follows cleaning operations.
  • Biodegradable surfactant system.
  • Tends to split oils and most non-water soluble metal working fluids from the cleaner.
  • Mild pH (less than 10)

Aquaease™ PL 732 is a mildly alkaline, extremely low-foaming liquid cleaner for application in all types of power spray machines: monorail conveyor, continuous belt, spiral (helical screw), or cabinet washers. Aquaease™ PL 732 will clean a variety of metal processing lubricants--synthetic lubricants, sulfurized and chlorinated oils, lard oil based, etc.
It may be used as a spray or immersion cleaner and may be used with ultrasonics. It generally will not etch highly polished surfaces.

Aquaease™ PL 732 is free rinsing and leaves no residues on the substrate surface. These features are important if parts will enter heat-treating furnaces after cleaning. Many power wash cleaners can leave undesirable alkaline residues, which may foul the furnace over time. It is also an important characteristic if parts are to be plated or coated with an organic film such as paint.
Aquaease™ PL 732 is also excellent cleaner for use in five stage iron and zinc phosphate lines. The clean surface will facilitate the production of the very smooth phosphate coatings.