Chemical Polishing

Product Announcement from Hubbard-Hall Inc.

Chemical Polishing-Image

Designed to smooth and brighten metal surfaces, Hubbard-Hall's chemical polishes create a passive, bright surface suitable for:

  • Further metal finishing treatment
  • Cosmetically pleasing final finish.

We offer conventional highly concentrated acidic brite dips and/or electropolish solutions, for many substrates including aluminum, copper, steel, stainless steel and zinc.

Featured Product: Copperbrite

Copperbrite Is a heavy-duty ferric sulfate and sulfuric acid based product offering a bright finish and high luster. This product is highly effective at removing oxides and scale from copper and brass alloys in an immersion application. Features of Copperbrite include:

  • Does not contain chromates, nitrate/nitrites and peroxides
  • Non fuming
  • Can be used at room temperature