Mi-Tique® Metal Coloring and Antiquing

Product Announcement from Hubbard-Hall Inc.

Mi-Tique® Metal Coloring and Antiquing-Image

Hubbard-Hall's Mi-Tique® metal coloring and antiquing solutions give a natural aged appearance to decorative hardware, bath fixtures, jewelry and other decorative accessories. Through chemical conversion, a variety of metals can be oxidized to produce black, brown and green color patinas. Tumbling, rubbing or relieving the surface to highlight lettering or create contrast on designs, can create additional effects.

Mi-Tique® Compatible Substrates:

  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Nickel
  • Silver
  • Pewter

Features and Benefits:

  • Dilatable liquid concentrates
  • Suitable for cell manufacturing
  • Very reproducible colors
  • Low energy costs
  • Room temperature processes
  • Easily highlighted
  • Short processing cycles
  • Light fast finishes

Featured Product: Mi-Tique® 1791 & 1792

Both room temperature formulas, Mi-Tique 1791 & 1792 oxidize brass, bronze, copper and munz metal, producing light to dark browns with slight red hues. A black U.S. 10 B finish can be achieved with Mi-Tique 1791.

These products are typically used on:

  • Door and Cabinet Hardware
  • Lighting: Lamps and Fixtures
  • Architectural and Garden Elements
  • Metal Decorative Accessories
  • Plumbing: Sinks and Faucets
  • Medallions and Plaques
  • Apparel: Buttons and Buckles