Phosphate Conversion Coatings

Product Announcement from Hubbard-Hall Inc.

Phosphate Conversion Coatings-Image

Hubbard-Hall has been honing its line of specialty iron, zinc, and manganese based phosphate products for over 30 years. We offer iron phosphates as a base for paint and corrosion resistance; zinc phosphates for paint adhesion, corrosion resistance, and cold forming; and manganese phosphates for wear resistance/lubrication.

Iron Phosphate

Iron phosphates produce an amorphous coating that, when applied to the base substrate, becomes a receptive surface for painting and contributes to the overall improvement in quality of the painted part. Some iron phosphates also exhibit synergistic properties with traditional corrosion inhibitors to provide economical storage protection from corrosion.


  • Increased adhesion
  • Allows bending of painted surfaces
  • Low application cost

Manganese Phosphate

Manganese phosphates are applied by immersion to mild steel alloys for wear resistance/lubrication.


  • Anti-galling properties
  • Improved Corrosion resistance
  • Desirable dark gray to black appearance

Zinc Phosphate

Zinc Phosphates are available in a wide range of coating weights and crystal sizes. Depending on the type of crystal structure these coatings find the following uses: 1.) a base for paint; 2.) a corrosion resistance coating; 3.) an aid to cold forming process.


  • Offers superior corrosion resistance as a base for paint.
  • Provides excellent rust protection when used with rust preventive oils.
  • Calcium modified zinc phosphates can provide ant-galling properties.