Product Announcement from HydraForce, Inc.

EFDR2 Multi-Input Fan Drive Controller-Image

The EFDR2 multi-input fan drive controller provides precise, repeatable control of

a TSxx-21 or TSxx-27 proportional fan control solenoid valve coil and one on/off

solenoid valve coil. The controller accepts up to three thermistor inputs for fan control

along with a single switch input for manual activation of the fan reversal function.

Controller input signals can be from a resistive temperature sensor, or analog switch

inputs. The EFDR2 setup parameters are confi gured using a PC, or the Application

Confi guration Programmer (ACP) serial interface, which allows for infrared programming

and fi eld adjustment of the controller. This multi-input fan drive controller is

suitable for a wide range of heavy duty industrial, marine, and mobile off-highway

equipment applications requiring proportional fan control.

For More Information on the EFDR2 checkout the User's Manual

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