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EHPR Proportional Reducing Relieving Valves-Image

The complete family of EHPR proportional pressure reducing/relieving, drop-in style valves are now available. The EHPR series of valves provide a pressure output proportional to a PWM current input, making them ideal for incorporating electronic control of machine functions. This is a compact and efficient solution for any directional control application, or for piloting individual sections of a stack valve for electro-hydraulic control.

The EHPR family is designed to provide optimum performance in a wide range of applications.

Model Flow Rating Input Pressure

EHPR98-T33 3.7 lpm/1.0 gpm 245 bar/3500 psi

EHPR98-T35 5.6 lpm/1.5 gpm 34 bar/500 psi

EHPR98-T38 18.9 lpm/5.0 gpm 34 bar/500 psi

The EHPR98-T33 and -T35 provide high-accuracy and frequency response in lower flow circuits, while the EHPR98-T38 is designed for accurate control of larger actuators at higher flow rates. These valves feature integral environmentally-sealed E-Coils and are designed to operate in exposed, rugged conditions. They can withstand up to 1000 hours of salt spray (vs. 96 hours for standard screw-in cartridge valves). The low current draw of this coil ensures longer battery life for the machine and minimal wear for the coil windings. The drop-in design eliminates the possibility of over-torquing the valve during installation, and reduces the overall cavity costs of the manifold. Hysteresis of less than 5% ensures high resolution control of machine functions.

Piloting a PE valve with an EHPR valve allows the system to achieve higher-flow directional functions – up to 170 lpm/45 gpm – while retaining the modularity and serviceability of a cartridge valve manifold. Providing a separate drain line for the EHPR port 3 is required.

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