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PRES50-30 Pressure Reducing Valve-Image

In many applications the primary machine function uses a high pressure (up to 345 bar/5000 psi) pump, while there are secondary or pilot circuits that are connected to the same pump but do not require, or cannot withstand, full system pressure. In order to reduce the main circuit pressure to a lower range for the auxiliary functions, there is often a large steel or ductile iron manifold which uses a pressure reducing valve to decrease the high inlet pressure. Using the new PRES50-30, the secondary manifold for the lower pressure auxiliary functions can be aluminum, reducing both cost and weight.

The main system pressure is plumbed directly into the steel adapter of the PRES50-30, which can withstand up to 5000 psi. In the adapter, pressure is reduced to between 450 and 800 psi for downstream functions. The PRES50-30 is rated for flows up to 11.3 lpm/3 gpm, making it suitable for most pilot and secondary applications. It is a direct-acting, spool-type pressure reducing valve which acts as a pressure regulating device for secondary circuits with stable input flow.

In its steady state the PRES50-30 allows flow to pass bi-directionally from port 3 to port 2, while the spring chamber is constantly drained at port 1. Once the preset pressure is achieved at port 2, the cartridge will shift to block flow at port 3, thereby regulating pressure at port 2. Also, while in regulating mode, the valve will relieve pressure from port 2 to port 1 at a variable value over the set reducing pressure.

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