Product Announcement from HydraForce, Inc.

RVD50-20 High Performance Relief Valve-Image

HydraForce's new series of high performance, 5000 psi, direct-acting relief valves provide a cost-effective pressure limiting solution for systems requiring dynamic relief, low hysteresis, low pressure rise, and low internal leakage.

The RVD50-20 is suitable as a regulating device due to its low pressure rise and extremely low hysteresis of less than 1%. Due to a design which consists of very tight tolerances and accurate dimensions, any application requiring a consistent relief setting will benefit from the new RVD series. Its high reseat characteristic ensures suitability in applications where dynamic relief is required. Its low internal leakage rate of 5 dpm at 80% of crack pressure ensures cylinders will not droop in load holding or port relief applications.

The integral adjuster shoulder prohibits the screw from backing out of the valve when being adjusted under pressure. The valves poppet and damping chamber provides stability for smooth, quiet relief and low pressure rise characteristics. The valve does not incorporate the use of dynamic seals; this reduces noise, improves reseat characteristics, and further provides for very low hysteresis. This lack of internal seals also assures very low overshoot of the pressure setting (9.5 percent at 5000 psi) and minimal response time of 40msec.

The RVD50-20 has six spring ranges with settings up to 5000 psi to ensure precise differential relief specific to the machine and allows the valve to operate with low pressure rise regardless of flow rating. The RVD50-20 should be considered in all new dynamic relief applications, especially those that require low pressure rise.

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