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The Ruggedized Standards Connector Collection includes high-reliability connectors that can withstand extreme condition while providing unfailing signal integrity. Featured in the collection is the cPCI (CompactPCI), VPX, SATA and PC/104.  The connectors may be available with Hypertac® technology, Fiber Optic, Coax, Triax, Twinax, Quadrax technologies.

  • cPCI 2mm connector delivers high performance in a ruggedized CompactPCI format for mission critical applications such as military land systems, shipboard, and aerospace. Configured on a 2mm center-line with six rows, Hypertronics uses 0.4mm Hypertac contacts that feature less than eight milliohms of contact resistance and a current rating of 1.0A. Optimized contact lead traces provide superior performance in high-speed signal applications, and the connectors are compatible with standard reflow soldering processes and are interchangeable with the board layout on COTS systems and are reverse gender to commercial 2mm products.
  • Hypertronics VPX connector, named KVPX, is fully footprint-compatible with VITA 46 and VITA 48 standards. The KVPX is a highly engineered state-of-the art connector that delivers outstanding performance under all varieties of extreme environmental conditions.  The shielded, high-density, high-speed modular interconnect system is optimized for differential pair architectures on a 1.8mmx1.35mm grid. The KVPX platform offers the ability to scale from 80 Mbps to over 10 Gbps while retaining the same Vita 46 backplane slot pitch at 20.3mm to 25.4mm.
  • SATA Connectors are specially designed for hostile environments and to withstand shock and vibration for which industry-standard SATA connectors are inadequate. Our Hypertac® contact and pin design eliminates pin fretting and intermittent disconnects to assure long-term dependability. Available in several form factors, from board-mount to cable sets, the connector family provides a complete vibration-resistant solution for products where solid performance and zero downtime are key requirements. The SATA 3.0 product portfolio is comprised of right angle, vertical, straddle mount and cable connectors supporting the SATA 3.0 data rates up to 6 Gbps.
  • Hypertronics PC/104+ features a traditional stackable design that eliminates the need for backplanes or metal card cages found throughout the range of embedded computing devices used in military and aerospace systems.  It is interchangeable with PC/104 COTS products and provides engineers with a better performing and highly reliable interconnect solution for all current PC/104 bus architectures in existing applications while establishing a higher standard for the industry. Hypertronics PC/104+ board stacking connectors improves the performance of the PC/104 platform by providing immunity to shock and vibration fretting, allowing for matched impedance and better signal integrity.
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