Colloid Mill MK 2000

Product Announcement from IKA Works, Inc.

Colloid Mill MK 2000-Image

The colloid mill MK 2000 is especially designed for the production of colloidal solutions, or extremely fine emulsions and suspensions. The high tip speeds, combined with an extremely small shear gap, produces intense friction on the material being processed. The friction and shear that result is commonly referred to as wet milling. The rotor and stator are cone shaped, and have three stages of increasingly fine serrations, or grooves. The stator can be infinitely adjusted to obtain the desired gap setting between the rotor and stator. The grooves change directions in each stage for increased turbulence. With high quality finishes and materials, the MK tool offers an extremely efficient milling geometry.


  • Colloidal solutions
  • Micro-suspensions
  • Incorporation of pigments
  • Metal-oxide suspensions
  • Micro encapsulation
  • Coating masses
  • Mustard
  • Mayonnaise
  • Ointments

IKA® offers a complete line of industrial mixers and blenders ranging from laboratory to production scale, including high shear mixers, in-line mixers, batch mixers, colloid mills, stirrers, agitators, kneaders and blending systems. IKA mixers are used in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and personal care industries.

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