Rotor Stator Mixers for Labs

Product Announcement from IKA Works, Inc.

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In order to configure a machine to meet a variety of application needs, IKA offers a wide selection of rotors and stators (generators) for all machines. Different generator designs provide a combination of varying levels of dispersing energy. In addition, they are also designed to accommodate materials of different viscosities and initial particle size. In-line rotor-stator (generators) are designed differently than those for batch machines because there is less of a requirement for pumping, as there is in batch mixing.

It is important to note that the differences between the coarse, medium, fine and other generators is not only the number of rotor and stator teeth rows. There is also a significant difference in the geometry from one generator to the next. The number of slots, width of the slots, and other geometric features will also change to define the performance of the generator.

The following are examples of generator designations, and a description of the generator and typical applications:

It is normal practice to specify a generator for an application based on prior experience. In most cases, the machine is configured for a specific application, so it is important to have an understanding of the product. When it is uncertain if a generator configuration will perform according to expectations, it is always recommended that a trial or test is performed in the laboratory. IKA encourages customers to utilize our facilities, and a complete line of trial machines are available for testing at the customer's facility.

  • Batch
  • In - Line
  • In - Line Generators (set of rotor and stator)
  • 2P (axial fins pumping rotor)
  • Coarse stator

IKA® offers a complete line of industrial mixers and blenders ranging from laboratory to production scale, including high shear mixers, in-line mixers, batch mixers, colloid mills, stirrers, agitators, kneaders and blending systems. IKA mixers are used in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and personal care industries.

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