75,000 pph Superheat Rental Boiler 750 psig 750F

Product Announcement from INDECK Power Equipment Company

75,000 pph Superheat Rental Boiler 750 psig 750F-Image

Rent Indeck's new rental watertube boiler with capability of generating 75,000 pph of superheated steam.  It is constructed in accordance with ASME code at 750 psig and 750 degrees F design.  This boiler is ready for natural gas or #2 oil firing, and comes complete with manufacturer's standard boiler trim, Low NOX burner and combustion controls.  The boiler meets FRM/IRI insurance standards adn NFPA 85.  The boiler also includes:

Steam pressure gauge, low water cutoffs, safety valves, FW stop and check valves, blowdown valves, continuous blowdown metering valve, chemical feed valve, FW regulator with pre-piped three valve bypass, BMS/compustion controls, complete fuel train and pilot ignition system,  forced draft fan, motor and starter, steam non-return valve, stack, water column and site glass. 

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