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 Improved Conveyor Driver Card from Itoh Denki-Image

Adjustable acceleration and time (0 to 2.5s deceleration), Stable speed operation, Manual or automatic recovery of the thermal overload device, and much, much more!

• One (1) DIP switch combined with one (1) rotary switch to select up to 20 different fixed speeds
• Forcibly stops the motor if motor lock or thermal overload error lasts for 4 seconds or more.
• Three (3) LEDs (green, red, & orange) to identify the type of error and number of error occurrences
• Error occurrence indication
• Displayed only when error condition is present
• Pulse signal output to indicate motor revolution
• Lead free design; RoHS compliant
• Low Voltage Protection reacts when
• Sustained low voltage (less than 15V DC) for at least 1 second
• Fluctuating voltage dropping below 15V DC, 5 times within 0.5 second
• Delayed Start-up Over-current response
• 1 second delay after RUN signal is applied, before over-current indication is active
• Eliminates false over-current indication during motor start
• External Direction control
• When external DIR signal is changed while motor is running, the motor stops for 0.5 second, then runs again in opposite direction

Enhancements over CB-016S4

• Increased Torque / More efficient components / Improved protection against generated voltage due to Power Moller overspeeding.
• Snap-on cover makes NPN/PNP switching easier (better visibility) / Card does not have to be removed from conveyor frame to remove

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