APD four-way high-voltage series connectors

Product Announcement from ITT Interconnect Solutions

APD four-way high-voltage series connectors -Image

Scooping the most page views in the interconnects category, the APD four-way high-voltage series connectors from ITT Interconnects operate at voltages up to 500 V dc.

Top 101 Components 2012: Views And Votes Take Stats To Another Level

It’s time to see which components not only piqued our readers’ curiosity, but also garnered the most interest. Each year, we tally which components drew the greatest number of page views on the Electronic Design Web site, from roughly April to April. This year, we also enlisted the services of our site visitors, who were invited to vote for their favorite components.

The term “components” encompasses a wide range of products that are essentially unrelated until they meet within a common design. For example, LEDs really have nothing in common with motors until both components share an engineer’s design concept—perhaps where the motor drives a robotic arm and several LEDs provide light and indicate proper operation and direction.

A particular component’s popularity most likely can be traced to current design trends, i.e., smart phones are very hot items so designers may be looking for more low-profile, HD displays than high-torque motors. The trends and the research direction aren’t indicative of any component’s quality or performance attributes. So for the sake of ease and flow, we’ll look at the most viewed and most voted-for components by category.


Overall, connectors make up the largest component category, since they are found in nearly every end product in one form or another. They interface the device to the outside world as well as to other devices and test equipment. They also deliver power, data, and other signals, and they often create interfaces within the end product itself.

Coming in at the top of the connector charts for most page views and most survey votes, respectively, are ITT Interconnects’ APD four-way high-voltage series connectors and the JSC series RF coaxial connectors.......read more.