Product Announcement from ITW Polymer Technologies - Insulcast Division

Flexible Epoxy: Superior Thermal Shock Resistance-Image

ITW INSULGEL 70CC FRNS is an epoxy compound which exhibits superior thermal shock resistance. By making use of an inherently flexible epoxy resin and special filler technology, INSULGEL 70 CC FR NS provides reduced shrinkage and low coefficient of thermal expansion. This results in decreased stress and improved adhesion. In addition, a significant portion of the product is manufactured from environmentally sustainable raw materials.

Key Product Benefits

Flexible (50D)

Room Temp Cure

UL 94V-0 Certified

Low Viscosity

Thermally Conductive

Low Cost

Specific Advantages Compared to Urethanes

More Forgiving Mix Ratio

Reduced Moisture Sensitivity

Higher Thermal Conductivity

Superior Mechanical Strength

Improved Chemical Resistance

Better Adhesion

Less Concern Regarding Respiration and Skin Sensivity

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