Electric Rotary Actuators - S Series Deep Base

Product Announcement from Indelac Controls, Inc.

The S series deep base rotary electric actuator was designed exclusively for applications within 200 lb·in (22.6 Nm) - model SD and 300 lb·in (33.9 Nm) - model SDX) torque range with special control requirements. This heavy-duty reversing actuator is used in place of model SD and SDX when optional equipment such as 4-20mA control, timers and speed control are required. These compact actuators are equipped with spur gear drive and as in all ICI actuators can with stand stall conditions without suffering gear failure. The heavy-duty sand-cast aluminum enclosure meets NEMA 4 specifications and has a thermally bonded ultraviolet resistant polyester powder coating that not only enhances its appearance but also is a tough corrosion resistant coating.

Standard equipment includes 115Vac-1ph motor with thermal over load protection, two limit switches wired for light indication, stainless steel fasteners, 300 series stainless steel output drive and spring friction brake. Manual over ride and position indicator are not available on the S series deep base because the optional equipment used when this enclosure is specified prohibits their installation.


Output Torque 200 Ln-In (22.6 Nm) & 300 Lb-In (33.9 Nm)

Cycle Time 5 sec/90 ° rotation

Duty Cycle 25%

Motor 115Vac-50/60Hz-1Ph. Standard

12Vdc, 24Vdc, 24Vac (24Vdc rectified) with manual reset (turn off then back on) overload protection. 230Vac-50/60Hz-1Ph.with automatic reset thermal overload protection and spring friction brake.

Lock Rotor Current
115Vac. = .75 Amps., SX - 1.0 Amps.
230Vac. = .38 Amps.
12Vdc. = 4.0 Amps.
24Vdc. = 3.2 Amps.
24Vac. = 3.2 Amps.

NEMA 4 Standard
Die-cast aluminum with 300 series stainless steel captured screws and thermally bonded polyester powder coating.

NEMA 4X Sand-cast aluminum with 300 series stainless steel screws and manual over ride shaft and thermally bonded polyester powder coating.

Output Drive: ISO 5211 F05 (14mm female star) 300 series stainless steel.

Mounting: Universal, ISO 5211 F05 mounting pad

Manual Over Ride: Not available

Lubrication: Permanent

Temperature: -40° F to +140° F (heater required at 0 F. and below).

Weight: 7Lbs.

Switches: 16 A. 125/250VAC

AVAILABLE OPTIONS: Extended duty (75%) motor (cycle time = 10 sec./90 ° ), maximum of 4 auxiliary switches, power off brake, declutching manual over ride with hand wheel, feedback potentiometer, 4-20mA positioner (equipped with 24vdc power supply for transmitter), 4-20mA position transmitter (requires 24Vdc power supply), compartment heater, heater and thermostat, breather, three position control, light indication, two wire control, timer, speed control, remote/off/local control panel, electronic torque sensor and one additional ½'' NPT conduit entry.