Cam Indexers: Replacement for RDM601 & RDM902

Product Announcement from Indexing Technologies, Inc. - ITI Tooling Co., Inc.

 Cam Indexers: Replacement for RDM601 & RDM902-Image

The "RIGIDIAL" Indexing Tables are mechanisms used to transform a uniform rotary input drive into a series of equal output motions.

The Indexing plate is supported by a large diameter crossed roller bearing that can withstand considerable axial and radial forces, while retaining high levels of accuracy and rigidity.

The globoidal, nitrided or hardened and ground cam, ensures excellent wear resistance, and the pre-loaded cam followers provide accuracy in positioning. These tables have been designed to achieve optimal performance at a very competitive price.

"RIGIDIAL" is available in 5 versions: RIG04-RIG06-RIG09-RIG19-RIG25, that allow transmitting torque from 93 (Nm) to 7.500 (Nm), with the number of stops ranging from 2 to 32.


To review the latest product features first-hand and determine how you can benefit from them, we invite you to visit our Booth #133 at HOUSTEX 2015 Feb 24-26 and speak with our technical sales force.

For more information, please contact Indexing Technologies Inc. at (201) 934-6333 or e-mail us at Info@IndexingTechnologies.Com

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