Product Announcement from Industrial Indexing Systems, Inc.

Emerald Automation Controller-Image

The Emerald Automation Controller is an open architecture high performance multi-axis motion controller designed for demanding applications that require close synchronization from 2 to 32 servo axes, I/O and auxiliary equipment. The EMC-2100 is powerful enough to execute all of the control functions required in a production environment, thus eliminating the need for additional control devices such as a PLC.

IIS Emerald motion control technologies include indexing, positioning, complex motion trajectories, high-speed registration, electronic gearing, electronic cams and programmable limit-switch functions.

Ideal for web control, synchronized cut-off, form-fill-seal, cut and seal, punching and forming applications the EMC-2100 is used in the manufacture of metal, plastic, paper, and film products.

Now available with two SERCOS drive networking options:

  • EMC-2100 SERCOS III (Realtime Ethernet) ---designed for new servodrive products currently using the Ethernet drive network for multi-axis synchronization.
  • EMC-2100 SERCOS II (Fiber Optic) --- designed as a replacement/upgrade for legacy systems that use the EMC-2005, EMC-2000, or the MSC Series controllers.

Industrial connectivity includes ports for:

  • RS232
  • Serial USB
  • Ethernet TCP/IP
  • DeviceNET
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