Product Announcement from Industrial Indexing Systems, Inc.

Toshiba Machine SCARA and Cartesian ROBOTS-Image

Industrial Indexing Systems Inc. is proud to announce an expanded sales partnership with Toshiba Machine to sell Toshiba Machine SCARA and Cartesian robots. The new partnership expands the IIS product offerings and provides our customers with new automation options.

The Toshiba Machine SCARA robots are high quality, high-speed units that can handle payloads from 3 Kg to 70 Kg with working areas up to 1950 mm. In addition to the traditional SCARA robots Toshiba Machine offers specialty robots for wafer and glass substrate handling.

The robots include a fully programmable controller for motion profiling as well as an embedded PLC for logic processing. Options include expanded I/O, teach pendant, conveyor tracking, IP65 and clean room configurations as well as networking links for Ethernet, DeviceNet, ProfiBus and CC-Link.

The Cartesian robots are available in various configurations from simple X-axis slides to X-Y-Z-R units with full control capabilities. Both ball screw and belt drive configurations are offered with speeds up to 2000mm/sec and payloads up to 150 Kg. Electronic drive packages are available to complement the various configurations.

IIS can provide sales, application assistance and training as well as programming of the full line of Toshiba Machine robots. Visit to see the full line of IIS automation products and capabilities.

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