Instrumentation and Control Systems

Product Announcement from Industrial Instrumentation Services, Inc.

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We specialize in control systems such as: pH systems, flow systems, speed control systems, SCADA systems, PLC systems and more!

In-House Flow Verification

IIS has a flow prover for customers that have to satisfy Local Sewerage Authorities of the accuracy of their outfall flow devices. We have the necessary tees on this flow prover for manufacturers such as GLI and GF Signet. We can measure flows up to 90 gpm flow rate in a 2 inch pipe size. Comparisons are made versus an NIST traceable magmeter and a detailed report is generated. Call us about this service.

Control System Design

IIS can provide solutions using process instrumentation and/or PLC, and SCADA topology for all industries. These include environmental, pharmaceutical, chemical, manufacturing, and energy industries.

Panel Design and Construction

IIS can provide custom control panel design and construction with AutoCAD layout capabilities. Panels can be UL and XPULTake a look at some of the panels that we have built.

Control System Installation

IIS offers expert in-house control system installation services. IIS can also work with your existing engineering staff or contractors.

System Start-up/ Project Commissioning

IIS provides start-up services and project commissioning, ensuring on-site operation as expected.


Control system operations may require training. IIS offers operator training on designed systems to ensure system operation with high confidence.

Maintenance & Repair

IIS offers maintenance and repair services to keep your control system up and running into the future.

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