SONY XC-ST30 / XC-ST50 / XC-ST70

Product Announcement from Industrial Vision Source

SONY XC-ST30 / XC-ST50 / XC-ST70-Image

The cameras incorporate the latest CCD and signal processing technologies into a compact black and white camera module. A new external trigger design allows the electronic shutter speed to be freely specified by the width of an external trigger pulse or by a switch setting on the rear panel or the camera. These cameras are also user-friendly, with all switch settings located on the rear panel. They feature high picture quality and high shock and vibration tolerance.


XC-ST30: 1/3" IT CCD

XC-ST50: 1/2" IT CCD

XC-ST70: 2/3" IT HAD CCD

Small and light weight: 44(W) x 29(H) x 57.5(D) mm, 110 g

High sensitivity: 0.3 lx (F1.4)

High S/N ratio: 60 dB (XC-ST50, XC-ST70), 56dB (XC-ST30)

Electronic shutter function (1/100 to 1/10,000 s)

Flexible trigger shutter functions:

. simple trigger with internally generated HD/VD (XC-ST30, XC-ST50), HD (XC-ST70) and Write Enable (WEN)

. exposure control with switches or trigger pulse width

Readout on command (with HD/VD input (XC-ST30, XC-ST50)) (with VD input (XC-ST70))

2:1 interlace/non-interlace

Frame/field exposure

Restart/Reset function

Synchronization: internal/external (HD/VS, VS)

High shock and vibration tolerance